The Road Department
Deschutes County, Oregon.

Case Study:

Dennis Morris is the Support Services Manager for the Deschutes County Road Department in central Oregon. His department is responsible for the county’s road maintenance, which includes pavement preservation, surveying, signage creation and weed abatement.

The county sought to establish an efficient and accurate means of tracking equipment activity to reduce excessive litigation costs. However, it was relying on voice recorders and manual log entry to accomplish this, opening the door to human error and making it difficult to retrieve data in a timely manner. In some instances, staff would spend hours reviewing audio tape to verify whether equipment activity ever took place. In the hopes of better tracking this equipment activity, the county looked into a leading company’s solution that used cell phone technology, but found it to be cost prohibitive.


The county needed to find a way to reduce excessive litigation costs as it struggled to establish an efficient and accurate means of tracking equipment activity.


Dennis’s department installed PreCise on a variety of equipment, including de-icing machines, sanders and snow plows. The data recorded by PreCise produced an easily recoverable and objectively verifiable record of evidence for use in court, saving the county significant expenses and even keeping some cases out of the courtroom entirely. “It makes it easy to deflect claims when you can produce documented evidence,” Dennis said.


PreCise completely eliminated manual log entry and use of the audio recorders, saving equipment operators significant time and hassle. Other benefits that resulted from the installation of PreCise include:

  • Improved Productivity:Since PreCise tracks when and where equipment accessories are activated, managers can know immediately upon download if all scheduled roads have been de-iced, sanded, plowed, etc. If a road or subdivision was accidentally missed, the equipment can be redeployed during the same shift.
  • Improved Safety Performance: Among other things, PreCise makes it possible to track the speeds at which any piece of equipment is driven. So if equipment is being driven at too high of a speed, a manager can conference with the operator and encourage them to slow down.

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